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Student Motivational Talks
  • Study time
Most students find it very difficult to motivate themselves to develop a culture of study. From high school up to university, students prefer to do assignments late and to cram for examinations at the eleventh hour. In the "Study time" talk, students are shown the benefits of a systematic study method and ways of making the study process more enjoyable. They are also encouraged to study with a self-driven purpose.

The choices they made 

This motivational talk is in the form of a hypothetical scenario about a school of high achieving students. One student dedicates all his time and effort to excelling in sport, while the second one concentrates on being a Maths and Sciences boffin. Another student is a gifted writer who is the top student in the languages and works hard in all other subjects, including those he finds challenging. Eventually they leave school and it is seen how their pursuits after school have a direct link to the choices made in school.

 Students get to relate with the story's characters and realise the benefits of pursuing all round excellence at school. They are also encouraged to research and know the entry point requirements of tertiary institutions from an early stage. This will lead to a greater focus in learning and the treating of school as a gold mine that is to be exploited to shape future dreams. 

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