Advanced Financial Modelling & Dashboards with Excel (Protea Hotel, Fire & Ice! Menlyn, Pretoria)

25, 26, & 27 October 2017

This intensive and highly practical executive 3-day workshop will teach delegates how to design and construct and then effectively use robust financial models, using the unique branded system called the  Financial Modelling Quadrant™ system. While other financial modelling courses in the market cover one Quadrant - Financial Stystems, this (four quadrant system) workshop will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to move from basic techniques to becoming a “blackbelt” in Financial Modelling.

The great news is that our workshop facilitator is not only a globally renowned expert on financial modeling and spreadsheet techniques, he is also the designer  of this Financial Modelling Quadrant ™ !  This practical, one-of-its-kind, Advanced Financial Modelling + Dashboards workshop has received accolades and rave reviews from financial institutions and multinational companies in South Africa, Dubai, Australia, the USA and numerous other countries.

 Click here to  access the downloadable PDF brochure 
A short video presentation by the workshop facilitator is now available for viewing and download. It gives a short but detailed overview of the Advanced Financial Modelling & Dashboards workshop and its Financial Modelling Quadrant ™.  It shows how it is unique and distinct from any other Financial Modelling course on the market. 
Click here to play or download the video presentation

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