DawMak Business Facilitators

Corporate Motivational Talks

  • Failure is not an option 
This talk looks at real stories of people who have made it in life despite severe difficulties and challenges in their personal circumstances.It uses events and individuals from history to inspire you to ride the stormy seas of the professional working environment, to say "No" to failure and use setbacks as stepping stones to positive achievement.

  • The Practice of Evolution

Unlike Darwin's Theory of Evolution that remains a mere theory, the practice of evolution focuses on the reality of the changing world and the need to evolve the organisation and also the individual to keep up with the changing times. The audience is shown how to avoid becoming "modern day fossils" and how to go about evolving themselves and the organisation for continued relevance, survival and success.

  • A common goal - A common prize

No organisation can succeed without its team having a common goal or vision. Differences in priority, opinion and personality have in the past led to the downfall of world class sporting teams, defeats of great armies and the folding up of international corporations. This talk will encourage team players to work together for a common reward and use their diversity and differences to the advantage, not the disadvantage of the organisation.

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